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Welcome to the Student Transportation
Information Web Site




Here you will find an abundance of information targeting a variety of audiences.

Drivers can take the Driver Fatigue Quiz, look at accident Photos, check on the latest Legislation, Laws & Regulations OR look in FAQs to answer a question.

For Administrators there are Forms to download, Links to informative websites, Product Recall notices to view and Organizations to join.

Trainers can check out the latest Videos, Trainer Tips or look in Driver Safety & Training for possible help with training classes.

Parents can read the Student Safety section for help in protecting your children.

Stop-arm Public Service Announcement and Print Ads

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2008 Minimum Standards - Click on the below link to see the Minimum Standards for School Buses and School Bus Drivers. 

Physical Performance Test Video - Click on the below link to view the School Bus Driver training video. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the site and don't forget that you can reach us via the Contact Us and Accident Inspection pages.


Bulletin Board for School Bus Drivers and

           Transportation Directors:



April 1, 2009 -  Cottonwood - Oak Creek  Unified School District #06 brings

                           Change to Arizona.  (Click the link below for details)


                                             Changing Arizona


April 24, 2008 - School Bus Transportation Safety and Security: The link below describes suspicious items / behavior and what to do if you see them.  The poster was provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

                                                   School Bus Safety Poster



                Employment Opportunities:

                               Click here to view Employment Opportunities


  News & Information

06-27-12: New Driver and Instructor tests (Letter mailed to classroom instructors)

03-05-12: Epilepsy Education for School Bus Drivers

02-27-12: Fingerprint processing fee reducing to $22 (This includes school bus driver applicants).

11-09-11: Stop-arm safety campaign launched in Arizona

Coming again in 2012: Join the Love the Bus Campaign and show your appreciation for the Men and Women behind the wheel

05-10-11: Information on the Metro Light Rail and Arizona Law.

05-10-11: Metro Light Rail is here


05-10-11: Use of nonconforming vehicles

02-27-09: Important Notice from the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).


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