Arizona Association for Pupil Transportation (AAPT) The purpose as shown in the AAPT Constitution is as follows:

• To work for better and safer transportation equipment in the schools of Arizona.

• To work for the adoption and enforcement of laws which are of concern to school transportation.

• To work for a uniform method of loading and unloading students for the entire state.

• To further the relationship between bus drivers, school administrators and other school officials.

• To provide for efficient training facilities for school bus drivers of Arizona.






Northern Arizona School Transportation Association - dedicated to the safe transportation of school children. The organization provides an opportunity for school bus drivers and administrators to meet and share ideas; to learn the laws, rules and policies so that practices and procedures are consistent; and, to address any training or safety concerns.


Mailing address:

            P.O. Box 4361

            Window Rock, AZ 86515